ISAZ 2018

Dr Vicky Melfi

Vicky has worked for almost 30 years within the zoo profession, as well as holding various academic appointments.  She brings unique insight to both professional and academic partners about the importance of working together, gathering data which can underpin evidence-based practice, to achieve great animal welfare and conservation outcomes.  She is a passionate advocate for empowering people with the knowledge and skills needed to implement evidence-based practice; which she has seen to successfully improve the welfare and conservation status of many animals.  Central to Vicky’s research, teaching and professional activities, is a keen interest in human–animal interactions.  She believes understanding human–animal interactions is critical and can enhance the life of both parties.

Vicky has worked and studied at the Universities of Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Nottingham, Plymouth and Sydney, and for Drusillas Zoo Park, Dublin Zoo, Taronga Conservation Society Australia and Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust.  She is the Managing Editor of Journal for Zoo and Aquarium Research, and author of various publications including the book Zoo Animals: Their behaviour, management and welfare.