Dissertation Case Study Methodology

Do You Need Case Study Methodology to Compose A Good Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation has several sections, and the section that requires the most focus will be the methodology. A case study is a research method used to investigate a problem or issue. You can decide to focus on the causes or consequences of a problem. You will only need to answer these three questions before you can write your dissertation:

  • What was the problem?
  • What effects does the problem have?
  • Is there a solution to the problem?

The above-stated sections only require you to provide relevant and relevant information that will help to answer these questions. So, is there a need to include a methodology in your dissertation? Yes. With a proper method, you can justify why you need to conduct the research or show why you are confident enough to present the results.

Luckily enough, you don’t need to do that alone. The linked resource offers step by step instructions on how to conduct a case study.

Useful Steps to Follow When Writing A Case Study Methodology

Writing a good case study methodology involves three main sections. Do not rush into starting the study because you don’t know how long it’ll take. As such, you’ll have to confirm if the sample you get serves the purpose of convincing your supervisors to give you a PhD degree.

Topic Selection

Who is your target audience? Is it a research group? What topic do you wish to research on? A case study methodology should discuss issues that are prevalent across a particular segment of society. The reader should understand that you’ll have to carry out the study as an outsider.

After conducting a research, you should generate relevant information that can be presented as data. It is vital to choose a relevant topic that is the best fit for the research. A good topic will allow you to collect enough data to support your arguments. Besides, it will help you arrange the information logically. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of presenting biased information.

Set Up the Research Material

A good case study methodology should explain the available data that is relevant to your research. A popular method is to use surveys. Besides, you can even use other instruments to analyze data. An excellent methodology will also include tables that include all the information. The research paper should also follow the right format, so that the readers can understand the right information to collect and how it will be organized.

The data to include will depend on the data collection tools. If the tools are cumbersome to use, you will have to conduct the study without any input from the respondents. Remember, the variables that matter should be present in every section. Doing so will help to eliminate any biases that might have affected the results.

Writing a case study methodology is not easy if you have never done so. Ensure that you understand how to write one before you start working on yours. The below tips can help in that.

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